Scouring pad


Metal Scrubbers and Kitchen Sponges for dish washing | SHINIL | NON-Woven Souring pad




Size(cm) 15x10x0.7
Material Nylon 100%
Polyester 100%
Nylon + Polyester
  • red
  • green
  • blue

There are three types of Scouring pads: Heavy, Medium and Light duty, from which customers can select one best suit the places it is to be used.

Quality Description
Light Duty No abrasives. Gentle for ceramic and porcelain. Ideal for non-stick and deilcate surfaces. Scratch-free cleaning glass, pans, stainless steel, china and ceramic
Medium Duty Made of non-woven fiber impregnated with small amount of abrasive. For daily common cleaning of cooking utensils, furniture tops, metal surfaces, walls, stairways, and floors. Super value.
 Heavy Duty Made of non-woven fibers impregnated with more abrasive grain. High performance and long lasting pads. Quickly removes stubborn dirt and grime from kitchen and household cleaning.